Whidbey Island Yoga – Classes

75″Our daily practice does not return us to the exact place we started. The practice has changed us”…..T.K.V. Desicachar


Movement Re-education:
1 to 1 sessions or Duets:  $75

Everything we’ve experienced lives in us and shapes who we are, emotionally,mentally, AND PHYSICALLY. It’s never too late to uncover movement patterns that no longer work, and remember how to move naturally in order to maintain a healthy mind and body throughout our lives.

10 steps to healthy alignment : 10 one to one or duet sessions $650

This package is perfect for someone who wants better overall health and alignment. We work our way up the body, starting with the health of the feet and lower legs, and how this relates to psoas tension and overall structure. Each week we layer on new information and physical movement to help bring you more into optimum health and feeling great!


Open Group Yoga Classes: $18 drop in/$ 75 class pack/$130 10 pack

Sundays at 9:00am(Active Yoga in Movement) and 10:30am (Natural Alignment in Movement)
Wednesdays at 10:00am (Active Yoga in Movement).

Students are always encouraged to work at their own level and modify poses as needed. People range from being curious about yoga, to  to people in chronic pain due to injury or trauma, to serious athletes who want to improve and sustain performance and avoid injuries. All levels are welcome, Natural Alignment  or a one to one is the best place to start!

We have mats, straps, blocks, blankets, and bolsters to share, but feel free to bring your own if you like! We recommend bringing water to drink.


Small Group Yoga classes: $30 per person(3-5 people) in studio.
YOUR body, YOUR schedule, YOUR goals.

Special Event Yoga

WIY has taught special group classes for big families visiting Whidbey, Large corporations, Wedding Parties, Writers Workshops, Spa weekends, etc. Call for an appointment and we can taylor a class to fit your needs, in studio or at your location.