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Welcome to Whidbey Island Yoga

Rediscover healthy, fun movement through yoga with Amanda Murphy. Chose between therapeutic one to one or small group sessions, and lively, open group classes.

Got 10 minutes? Happen to be in a chair? Press your reset button with this SIMPLE yoga break Amanda offered at WOW!

Whidbey Island Yoga is also the home of Island Pilates Center. We believe healthy movement can build strength, nurture potential, and integrate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth into our daily lives, so we offer a variety of movement modalities in our lovely sunny studios. Students of all levels are encouraged to work through their practice in a relaxed and fun environment. We are a community of connected individuals who take care of each other and ourselves. Ultimately, we aspire to move freely and live fully!

“Strength is defined not by how much you can resist, but by how much you can expand.”

2 thoughts on “Whidbey Island Yoga – Home

  1. Hi Amanda. Is the foot workshop is at you location at 1:00 PM? I am interested. Maybe I can go to your 10:30 class then attend the foot workshop…. Do I need to go into Langley today to pay or can I pay early-bird price tomorrow as your email stated? Thanks, Catherine Marshall


    • Hi Catherine,
      I was not receiving these comments for some reason, in the future just email me from the contact amanda page, sorry i missed you! It was full anyway, but you could come in for a one to one and get the gist of it if you are still interested!!


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